Market Expectation

Market Expectation

Energy-saving doors and windows are imperative

According to incomplete statistics, the annual market demand for energy-saving doors and windows in my country is about 500 million square meters, and it has been increasing substantially in the past decade.

High-end positioning is more eye-catching

High-end energy-saving door and window products have begun to come into the sight of consumers, and consumers' demand and expectations for high-end door and window products are getting higher and higher.

High-end positioning is more eye-catching

The "service-driven product" sales model will completely replace the "product-driven service" model and become the first strategic thinking in the market today.

Advantages of Cooperation

Weirui Doors and Windows is committed to tailoring perfect and exclusive door and window solutions for customers to meet the high-quality needs of the high-end market. With advanced technology, high-quality services and standardized management systems, we will build an environmentally friendly and energy-saving life system for you. Realize your dream of being healthy, comfortable, and comfortable.

Cooperation conditions

1. Agree with Wei Rui's brand management philosophy and have practical experience in building materials and household brand management
2. With high-end brand management thinking and strong economic strength
3. Own a local high-end store brand franchise storefront, and have a strong understanding and execution ability of brand operation
4. Possess certain industry resources and strong development capabilities
5. Good business reputation, no bad credit records

Advantages of cooperation

Business Cooperation


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Intention information

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